Article Writing Jobs in Pakistan – Latest Project

In this post we will discuss about article writing jobs.  I am going to share with you. Something very special terms and condition as well as how to do this. Now let me tell you what you need to do first. You need to submit a test post.

Because we will check it out. If you are doing good or doing wrong.  What things you need to keep in your mind before starting.

How to get Article Writing jobs

First, my dear friend you must have a skill. About write for software category. Don’t worry about what kind of information you need for this job. I am going to give you all information for this category of job. Because you know that software is used anywhere in mobile phone, computer.

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You need to write post on paid software. After that you should have many ideas. How to write it you just follow things. I am going to share with you down below.

Things you should follow for approving

  • Write above than 2000 words
  • Apply headings (h2, h3, h4)
  • Must add List Like this post
  • Add 3 External Links
  • Use to add 5 internal links
  • 2 Images for explanation
  • Try Use keywords three times
  • Embed YouTube video.

Learn how to get Article Topics

Ok another way of getting topics.  You just follow most popular websites for paid software. Here are few websites are listed below.

How to get Paid

Let me clearly defined that we do not pay for test. After selection you will get paid on 2000 words. For suppose you write 2000-word one. we will give you price on that. Now it is time to clearly defined that follow One things. You don’t allow to copy article from other and send to us.

Get Job

We reject you on anytime we cancel your job anytime. OK and you just send. We select it within 24 hours and we will give you feedback of your writing.