OK when you harder Computer training course on our website we will confirm it after that they will send it on your address if there is any problem or any issue comes up. We will replace it. We do not return it back. In case of you need to get it hurry. Was suppose you don’t have time to get it back again and waited for more days so that is why we provide you link on your Gmail address.

What is Difference between course in Link and DVD form

You know there are a lot of a many advantages for link and there are a few advantages of DVD format so that is why we prepared to give out whole course on link.

Link Advantages

Largest talk about k-link advantages for suppose you have link you can access for life your link and you can watch video training courses online and you can also download it on your PC and you can also use it on your personal computer system.

DVD Advantages

When you purchase video training courses in DVD format you know DVD gratis crazy and creative and it is not permanent it is go away in today’s a few days when you store a copy data from DVD to your computer and data always data cannot be permanent on your PC. Because in Pakistan we have the trend to reinstall operating system due to corrupt file and virus. that is why we lost our data.