How to Write an Article for Website

Learn how to write an article for Website computer operators and make money online in Pakistan. It is very easy to write an article you just know the way of writing. How to type something about the article like I am doing. I have explained it in 3 parts. Part One is about the introduction of the course.

part two is about the topic of the article and Part 3 final instruction of the course. I have practically approve this in the below video here. If you don’t know how to speak or compose in English. Please learn English here: Learn English language Course in Urdu 100 days Free Download

We have tried to make it more easy and simple for the authors. You read it below carefully and if you have more query that i skip to explain below, You can feel free to submit call me back request here.  Check out our Latest update Here.

Some important Instruction about Article Writing Online

Check Plagiarism here and Grammatical mistakes here 

Here is list of all our  Topics

Watch Tutorials for Our latest Training Course online

Urdu Video Tutorials

What Terms and Conditions for Write an Article for Website

  1. Article must be unique for each topic and written in English Language.
  2. You should write an article of 300 to 1000 Words.
  3. Do not repeat the words (Keyword stuffing must be less than 1.5%)
  4. No any misspelled or grammatically mistaken.
  5.  Divide your post into 3 parts  or more on your choice.
  6. You can write unlimited Articles for our Website.
  7. Do not use content regenerate software.
  8. Do not use to copy past text in the article.
  9. Use simple English and keep in mind your are writing for visitors.
  10. We will only pay for approved post. If you any post has been rejected it is not to be claimed for pay.
  11. We will pay Rs 100 / 1 Post
  12. We reserve all rights to reject or accept the article for our website.

How to pay for an Article

  1. We can pay through bank account or Easy paisa. Whenever your article is approved. we ask your account or way to pay via call or email.
  2.  No limit to submit your article. You can send your post any time from anywhere.
  3. If your article is approved we will inform you within 24 hours.

Must Read out Final Instruction

Please feel free to ask whatever you want to say. Also read and optimize how do I have written here: wordpress video tutorials for beginners. We are here to help you. If you have any question or problem please share with us.  Here is the detail of email address.

Project has been Ended

Note: We need truly honest, hard worker persons for our website. Do not cheat us just submitting copied – past contents . Don’t west your time as well our Company. We do not comment any illegal activity with people. Keep in mind it’s not a job, We just purchased contents from authors.