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Java Programming Tutorials in Urdu

Java Programming Tutorials in Urdu

Java is a language which runs programs. It has many features like C++. It introduced in the mid-1990s by James A Gosling. It is object oriented language. It is programming language which prepares software for many platforms. It is written in Byte code which runs many operating systems.GUI (graphical user interface), java produce applets for it. Before making applets web pages were static and non virtual machine (JVM) run applets in a web browser byte codes also run by JVM. If there is no JVM then byte codes can’t be processed. Last Post : Learn Google Blogger Tutorials in Urdu

Java Programming Tutorials in Urdu

JVM needs SDK (software development kit) which has all important components like interpreter, compiler and other tools. Integrated development environments (IDE) increase the development time. JCreateor, Netbeans, Eclipse,  JBuilder are all parts of IDE. IDEs prepare GUIs, the preparation includes buttons, frames, boxes, text boxes, buttons, drag and drop objects, actions like point and click. like other languages java objects has no references with other is object oriented .due to this object takes benefit in inherit code. Objects are nouns which relate with others as applets has many features for fast processing.

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Like C++ java is easy in coding and easy to learn. Microsoft, IBM has offered java compiler as their best product offerings. JavaScript and Java are two separate things .They must not be mixed with each other as JavaScript is easier than java but loses some features in processing and byte codes , therefore has some low ranks than java. Java is commonly known as very strategic language without develop applications rather JavaScript uses for small programming language has its own structure, syntax, coding, strategies, programming  software. The concept is based on OOP which is its support. Our Other Training courses in Urdu here

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It is derived by C language. First it starts with packages, then classes, variables, constants. Byte code is a collection of instructions. Its compiler is also different from other system compilers because it runs the programs which CPU chipset easily can run.JVM is the heart of java language. It is gaining much popularity due to its modern features. Protection Status