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Get ton know about Online Microsoft Word 2010 Training Free Asalam u Alaikum Dear Friends, How are you all? Today, I am going to explain you something about Word Processing.

Basically Word Processing is kind of Office work. The Software that helps us to do this kind of work is Named as “Microsoft Office –Word” is used in ways of creating or editing anything like Assignment.

Letters or any kind of text documents. There are many versions of Microsoft Office launched year by year. But the most used and suitable in every manner is “Microsoft Office 2013”.

This Software contains (Access, , Power point, Excel, One Note, Outlook, Project, Publisher and visio) I have also installed this software in my PC (Personal Computer).

and this software helps me to complete any kind or creating or editing work and you can have it the hard form as well in the same way you desire to get. Read out my last article :

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Word Processing is computer program to write, edit, & print a document. We can write the text using keyboard, whereas audio input (as for dictation) have also been introduced.

Such as “SIRI” in IPHONE. Word processor have many useful features such as repeating the text without retyping it. Once you have entered any kind of material it has been saved.

Any Paragraph, Sections or pages can be shuffled, copied, added or deleted at any time. As Word Processor has become more sophisticated various functions have been added into it such as, word counting, spell checking, footnoting.

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In a document written/Typed on words Processor we can resize the text, giving space in between with your own choice.

The most perfect thing is whatever you write no matter in which manner you will get the same as printed. This is called accuracy. This is actual way how processing works and all that.

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