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Our Latest Online Subjects with Demos and Description

First and Foremost list of our training classes for you accordingly . No doubt in this. Next you can find out the course contents. Demos and Description with price. For this reason keep in mind all over subjects. Mostly start from basic to advanced level respectively.

Of course we cover first feature of the software and topics as well. After all of this. we cover advanced things in the project.


Computer Video Tutorials in Urdu Free Download

Best Online Video Tutorials Website in Pakistan. Moreover we provide all computer courses in very cheap prices. Alright check our all video DVDs in just rupees 1000 per DVD. Now you can place your order on our official cell phone number. mention here: 03337335044 as well.

All videos in HD quality. Meanwhile beginner level to advance. In the same way projects are added in each training DVD. Learn more rush to order now. Furthermore you can order us anytime on cell or our official site.

Urdu Video Tutorials Packages

Most of the people do not afford to buy IT education. Our system is for affordable for unaffordable person. Best and high quality education on low prices. Above list of packages will support you to learn on your choice of category.

We provide information technology service. Get this service on your doorstep. One thing you know. There are many people spend much time over the net. Our Pakistani are one of them. People through 3G and 4G tech via mobile network. all the time searching something about their need of  info.

Above learning Videos you can order us now for more help please feel free to ask any time.


Online Courses in Urdu by Computer Ustaad

ComputerUstaad most advanced instructor. In the field of computer science and information technology. Following one of the most popular videos. Highly recommended for you.

It’s very difficult to learn in the classroom with more than 100 students. In fact you don’t have option to stop and restart you class lecture. We share our six-year experience with you. Definitely make you professional in the field that you love more.

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One and best quality level Computer Courses. Buy All 25 Mega DVDs Bundle in just Rs 5,500/=

Dear Customers, you can directly contact us.  So you want to know about tutorials descriptions, detail, and demos as well. Just click on courses link. You should have to choose one field. There are 4 Basic and more popular just like Programming Languages, Networking, Database, Web Developing, Graphics Designs.

If you really want to be master. Then think about it. In other words I suggest you to buy and start learning today. Now it is time to your feature. To earn and support your family. Go ahead to take a look. About our Computer courses video tutorials in Urdu.


Free Urdu IT Training Tutorials in  by Online Ustaad

Likewise you know dear customer. We offer best videos tutorials courses in the Urdu language. Uniquely we try to give you support in the field. Similarly you want to learn about. Again I say above courses are most popular.

Very latest with current technology and needs. Our 45 plus HD Quality tutorial. Boost your talented. Identically you can pass any exam, test, interview as well.  Furthermore our field is best for those whose knows well.

Hire Instructor to learn Online

Correspondingly we offer online learning service in very cheap cost. Together with save you time and money. In addition learn at your home via internet. You just need to have Skype id.

Not just that you must have computer plus internet connection. Fore more detail price and help please contact us. Not to mention You can connect me with us via email, cell number, Social Networks as well.

Afterward we schedule an interview for testing your experience and Work. We also check out. On the other hand you become our students as well as become a part of our system.

How to Learn with our Top Experts

User info

Naeem Hussain


Naeem Hussain is the founder of ComputerPakistan providing Urdu Video Tutorials in Pakistan in very very cheap price these IT and Skill based Tutorials will help students and everyone in field of Technology. We help students to develop their skills and make them genius in the field of Information technology and Computer Science Courses. We have many best level trainings such as Programming, Graphics, Web Development, Online, CMS and much more. If you want to read know more about courses go to watch demo and read instructions. If you want to know more about our website please read about us and also our office physical office address here in contact us web page I added for further support questions and answers in contact page. Alright I hope you enjoyed a lot while learning with our video training courses and getting more much exciting things and information from this website. We provide basic to advanced level for everybody. Which is used to related in information technology stand for IT. I help you to do this things with a professional way ok. let's just talk about if you want to become a good or expert web designers show some Technologies you must have to know about it ok if you want to become a programmer. So, you must have to know some special Technologies just like it Java just like a JavaScript, PHP, Visual Basic and much more in the field of graphic designer. I explain it in detail that you must have to know CorelDraw Photoshop Illustrator and AutoCAD as well as 3DS max these Technologies will help you to become a professional in the field of graphic design ok. If we talk about Office. You need to know everything about office work so that is why we have created in video training course of office. That will help you to know the way of creating applications designing word processing pages and create spreadsheet and developer design presentations as well as create database for your company or business. We also offer some courses with certification in our website ok so that is why if you want to get 3-months diploma or 6 months or 1 years. Go ahead to check it out. We have also provided video training courses for online just like a SEO, how to make money online and other certification in ethical hacking and much more other subjects on basic point of view. Alright dear visitors and students Every subject is completed with notes and project folder.

Read, What are Our Customer’s Reviews

My Review Benish Kamran from Karachi
testimonial user Benish Kamran from Karachi

Well, all things considered I am selected for giving my reviews. I am fully satisfied with all courses. First thing first I would like to share with you my experience. That, I have learnt from these training tutorials.

As visually you know I purchased Mega bundle package similarly. Obviously I learnt a lot in different with new experience. Just like as programming, web designing, graphics.

My Real Time Review about Courses

Another I forgot to tell. In the meantime, my favorite field is web designing. So that is only reason I need to learn from basic. One thing additional I purchase all courses because of that.

In my case It is provided in very cheap price. Honestly speaking I thought that these courses are in very cheap. But I was wrong. True thing is that, Low in price high quality.

Whatever they teach us. It is outstanding. Perfectly I got everything what I want to improve. my knowledge increase time to time.  I really enjoyed a lot.  Consequently, learnt very exciting things. The Way of teaching as well as transforming information to the students. Such a wonderful thing for me.  in helicopter If Somebody asked from me. How many stars I will give you on these courses collectively. I will give 5 out of 5 stars.

Benish Kamran from Karachi
Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi
testimonial user Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi

Hello everyone, I am Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi. No Issue These training classes are one of the best toolkit for me. As a computer’s student in the university. I didn’t have such kind of better knowledge. All about these subjects.

My interest was more to learn rather than purchasing. In as much as I conducted my first class. Consciously I never ever imagine. What an information they provide.

Review about Training Videos in Urdu

It was programming class. Truly speaking I understand. after all, I decided to purchase more courses in Urdu Language from this website.

As a result, it was low in price for me as well. I started my study according to the DVD provided instructions. Gratefully I am thankful to my sir who is founder of this website.

Sincerely He helped me much more via his classes. No one never know how much sir delivered knowledge in his class.  Share these courses centers or colleges, it would not catch things properly by us.

In fact, the great advantage of this. You can pause. Where you do not understand. You can repeat your training on your wish back again.

Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi