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Here is the list of our training classes for you. In this you can find out the course contents, Demos and Description with price. Keep in mind all over subjects start from basic to advanced level. We cover first feature of the software and topics after that we cover advanced things in the project.


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Best Online Video Tutorials Website in Pakistan. We provide all computer courses in very cheap prices.Check Our All Video DVDs in just rupees 500 per DVD. Now you can place your order On our official cell phone number 03337335044 as well.All videos in HD quality,beginner level to advance.Extra projects are added in each training DVD.Learn more,  rush to order now. Now You can order us anytime on cell or our official site.

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Hello every body as you know that most of people do not afford to buy IT education, our system is for both affordable and unaffordable person, best and high quality Education on low prices following list of packages will support you to learn in your choice of category.  We are information technology service provider door to door. You know there are many people spend much time over the net, Our Pakistan is one of them, Their People through 3G tech via mobile network all the time searching something about their need of  info.

Above learning Videos you can order us now for more help please feel free to ask any time.


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ComputerUstaad We are most advanced instructor in the field of computer science and information technology, following one of the most popular videos which we highly recommended you. It’s very difficult to learn in the classroom with more than 100 students and you don’t have option to stop and restart you class lecture. We share our six year experience with you to make you professional in the field which you love.

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One and best quality level Computer Courses, Buy All 25 Mega DVDs Bundle in just Rs 5,500/=

Dear Customers you can directly contact us to our official cell Phone to order: Mobile No (+ 92333 7335044). Want to know about tutorials descriptions, detail and demos. just click on All Courses. You should have to choose one field. There are 4 Basic and more popular just like Programming Languages, Networking, Database, Web Developing, Graphics Designs. If you really want to be master then think about it. I suggest you to buy and start learning today. Now it is time for your feature to earn and support your family. Go head to take look about our Computer Courses Video Tutorials in Urdu.


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You know dear customer we offer best videos tutorials courses in the Urdu language and we try to give you support in the field that you want learn about. Okay following courses are most popular and very latest with current technology and needs. Our 45 plus HD Quality tutorial make talented. You can pass any exam, test, interview as well. Our field is best for those whose knows well.

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We offer online learning service in very cheap cost, Save you time and money and learn in your home via internet. You just need to have skype id and computer plus internet connection for more price and help please contact us. If anyone You can connect me with cell, Social Networks, We schedule an interview for testing your experience and Work. We also check out What you can for our students as well as for our system.

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Naeem Hussain


ComputerPakistan providing Urdu Video Tutorials in Pakistan in very very cheap price these IT and Skill based Tutorials will help students and everyone in field of Technology. We help students to develop their skills and make them genius in the field of Information technology and Computer Science Courses. We have many best level trainings such as Programming, Graphics, Web Development, Online, CMS and much more. If you want to read know more about courses go to watch demo and read instructions. If you want to know more about our website please read about us and also our office physical office address here in contact us web page I added for further support questions and answers in contact page.

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Naeem Hussain


I am author of the I got master degree from Sindh University in Computer Science. I design and devolved many website and Software and created many computer courses in Urdu Video tutorials DVDs. Dear I started to teaching online since 2012. I have created many video courses regarding Computer Software, Graphics, Make Money Online, How to SEO for a Website. I support people regarding Video tutorials as well as. People of Pakistan needs standardized education at home. We approved and our Top listed trainings are giving more IT information. We make students robots, They works, learn every things. You know it is very difficult task to teach online. We prepared our course with one step forward thinking, When our students learn at home with our provide Videos we are not physically with them who He ask. That is why we explained every single thing with this concept. Instead of this we provide cell support. Mostly students ask a question from me. Sir is that possible to learn everything from your course. I tell everybody it depends on students. How they learn the course and what they do after the training. According to my best of knowledge. Those get always success. Who practise after the class and try to make something new. Dear friends after completing the subject. Don't forget to tell us about it. Also you can submit your suggestion and valuable reviews. Wish you all the best Thanks you very much.

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Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi
testimonial user Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi

Hello everyone, I am Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi. These training classes are one of the best for me, as a computer’s student in the university. Actually didn’t have such a better knowledge about this subject. Honestly speaking my interest was more to learn. When I conducted my first class. After this I thought how much difficult this subject in real. It was programming class. I had not understand what was it. after all, I decided to purchase courses in Urdu Language from this website. It was low in price form me as well. I started my study according to the DVD provided instructions.  I am thankful to my sir who is founder of this website. he helped me much more via his classes. You know in the centers or colleges, it would not catch things properly by us. In fact the great advantage of this you can pause where you do not understand. You can repeat your training on your wish back again.

Tahira Nawaz from Rawalpindi
Review Maria Khan Karachi
testimonial user Review Maria Khan from Defence Area City Karachi

Review Maria Khan live in city Karachi , It is undefinable feeling to tell about this Website, I am excited that tell you more about the Trainings, You know this is one of the most popular and cheapest site regarding Computer Software Trainings Courses in Urdu Langauge, I purchased Web Designing and Development Video course, In this bundle package I learn a lot about How to Create a Websites, and Design them, Sir Naeem teaches me well with real time practically approved examples. I got much more in the notes as well. After a week now I am 80% sure to make a theme, and create code for Theme customization. I started to make templates for Website. Sir gives me the way to start my Web Design Course, First from HTML then CSS after getting full commands on the code, I get started to convert PSD which is photoshop web template convert it into HTML and CSS. I completed all these things. I fully prepared for Developing a WordPress theme. Wish you all the best for other training tutorials. Thank you so much for this I will never ever forget your kind. Money is not  a big matter but knowledge does a great. I suggest people don’t wast your time in free stuff get paid in cheap to start professional level training and save your time as well.  Experts give us the way how to grow up.

Review Maria Khan from Defence Area City Karachi