C Programming Language Basics Tutorial for Beginners

C Programming Language Basics Tutorial in Urdu For Beginners one of the best language for trained student. It is simple with IDE (Integrated Development Environment) I started this training course is just for making the skill. Let me share my experience with you. It is hard to understand the logic which create when a customer says, For example a person who says that create a small application in which only authorized person can access the data. I make a logic in my mind. How to make person authorized in the software. I created a Login and logout system for particular App. It is very simple this condition can be done with (IF else). I have idea to tell you just read it below. Before starting it please read my last article: C Tutorial Urdu Video Full Tutorials

C Programming Language Basics Tutorial User Access Logic in C Programming Language

Note: Keep in mind that it is only logic I am discussing not Programming code. I just explain to newbie who do know even single thing about it.

Step 1 initialize a variable and give it value as password like below Example.

Instance: Int username = “password”;

I have taken a data type integer it means only number that we can store as variable name username and password is any number see below for more explanation.

Data Type = Int   (I take an integer which is type of data)

Variable = Username (I declare I variable name)

Value = “Password” (I give value to the variable as password).

Step 2 Create Condition of for accessing user

Here is the example of condition blow

If (username = password){

Password = “Right”; // you can access the software




Password = “Wrong”; Sorry Password is not correct you cannot access it.


Step 3 you are done.

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That’s it. Very simple task nothing to make confusion for a student, very simple. Watch below demo of the course what we have cover in it

Read Out from other: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/C_Programming

Download PDF Book: www.tutorialspoint.com/cprogramming/cprogramming_tutorial.pdf

Last Instruction for Students

Dear you know programming first to very difficult to understand after making on to two application you got to know the way making software with your interesting language.  Okay if you have any query please feel free to ask Thanks for reading my article, now learn how to buy course from us here is demo video for it. Here is how to buy our Courses C Programming Language Basics Tutorial



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