What is Computer Programming – Definition + Examples

Learn about What is Computer programming. Okay in this article. We are going to explain in detail all about it programming language in addition.  In result I tell you that what is programming language and afterwards.

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First and foremost, we go through real-time examples.  such kind of definition that you can really realize. what the things we are going to understand right.

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Definition of Computer Programming

it in the same way I realize that you know. what things cover from my point. First, we just talked about a programming language basically. it is the way of technology to speak. with your computer system. Next order to it.

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Other What is Computer Programming

another word I would like to explain. in detail. according to systematic definition. basically programming language is a chord. It is created especially. for computer system.  above all, computer can easily understand. completely its task according to it.

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Google Technology created through Programming

For Example, you know. there are thousands of software’s playing significant role nowadays in this. Technologies for suppose. if we talked about Google search engine. No doubt it is in back and many other applications playing their jobs.  Of course which is created by programming languages.

Facebook Technology developed via programming

Now we just talked about is Facebook. you know. it is most popular social network. which is created in programming language. In this way , millions of people are using it. Moreover, their applications which is created through it so that is why these technologies are really very important.

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Other recourses for programming languages

What Wikipedia say : here

What Khan academy says : here


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Final Words

I always used to define some helping words. for my visitors this paragraph is most important for you that is what for suppose if you want to purchase with it.

from our website. and you are interested to learning. from our website. it and what you are going to teach.  many questions arise. in their mind and sell that is why. We realize that few things. Always define in every post that is why. So just now explain. you some important things about it.