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Learn Computer Basic Learning Video, Dear friends today we will learn about basic concepts of computer basic. What is importance of IT in our daily life? This Machine is playing most important role so many fields in our life. From doctor to engineers, teachers to students, private and government sector, they all use to perform specific tasks. System made our lives easy. System can solve large amount of data calculation in seconds. It is a blessing gift for us from science. Today world is global village and no one can live without electronic devices. In fact PC closed all over world people. We can see and talk a people all over the world through Laptop or PC and internet. Read my last post : C Programming Tutorial In Urdu Video.

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Now we will discuss about basic computer learning. Computer is important for all aged people child to old age. So we will use easy method for learning from beginning. We are studying from class one that computer is an electronic device. It collects raw material data, processes it and makes it meaningful.  Data is valuable assets for an organization. The most important part of data is information that provides us meaningful data. MAchine is a large field and it is used in all fields like business, large industries and sensitive department. If you have IT (Information Technology ) knowledge you can get job easily in any field.

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