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Learn Pronoun:  In this article you will learn all about : What is Pronoun in English answer is that a word. In addition, which we use in the place of noun. It is  called for example HE she it they you etc.

What is Pronoun in English

Learn Pronoun in English

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What is Pronoun?

Such a word which is use at the place of Noun.
اسم کی جگھ پر جو الفاظ استعمال ہو اسے ہم پروناوں کہتے ہیں۔
مثال طور۔
Rehana goes to home.
Rehana = Noun
She goes to home.
She = use at the place of noun۔

Kinds of Pronoun

Personal Pronoun
1st Person 2nd Person 3rd Person
I We You He She They
پہلا آدمی جیسہ کہ میں اور ہم دوسرا آدمی جیسہ کہ آپ تیسرا آدمی جیسہ کہ وہ
ٰI am here You are there They are not here.

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