How to Create a Website – Web Design | Theme | Template

I will talk about How to Create a Website – Web Design | Theme | Template. In this article I am going to define that how to create a website.  Then, I would like to tell you. Also, I will give you an idea how to create template or theme for any website.

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How to Create a Website

I will also give you an idea that. In this way, how to create a simple free website with the help of CMS. It is content management system. Of course, it is specially designed for beginners. Meanwhile, non-expert they cannot create any kind of website or design.

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Therefore, website at the back and control panel you can publish post pages.  No doubt, you can monitor design and decorate your website front end page for visitors. As a result, it is very simple and there are a lot of CMS. Most popular CMS one of them is WordPress in other. For Example, are just like Joomla Drupal and Blogger and there are so many other CMS they provide this kind of services to us.

How to Decorate Theme Template Web Design

Suppose, if you want to decorate a design theme or template. Similarly, it is necessary that you know some Technologies.  Just like HTML CSS and Photoshop. In addition, Street software’s and technologies give you an idea. Moreover, how to design and decorate template into the Photoshop.  After that convert it into a website theme or template.  OK it is very easy and simple you just have a course.  All these technologies accordingly.

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