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Today we are going to discuss about CS (Computer Science). Right Now, let me just explain. In detail that you understand about it. In addition, what is the advantages of it.

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I divided into 3 parts. So, part number one. it is just about computer science. Same as part number to the scope of Computer Science. No doubt part number three some final instructions. that you will do so for it. as you know that I am master of computer science.  In the same way, I realize. In conclusion, what should I do after completing my degree.

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

What is Computer Science – Part 1

Basically, computer it is a machine. Moreover, there are many operations many subjects just like programming language.  As much more things are flying overhead. so that is why we included into the science.

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Let’s talk about some major subjects of that. all for Computer Science one of the best subject is programming language database networking as well as important subject name graphic design. We have all subject for this technology in Urdu Videos.

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Watch Demo for Computer Science Part 2

Now I just talked about her video training course and mega bundle package in this we cover all computer science subjects with elegant level.

In conclusion

Ok dear friend according to my best experience you just cover basic thing and basic operations on higher level in one subject from all above 4 categories.

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