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Info : Ethical Hacking – Learn Online in Urdu. Article we will talk about from basic to advanced level about ethical hacking.  We just need to know clearly about this. topic before going to advanced level. okay so that is fine if you’re really. interested to learning about it. You must know something things.

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What is Ethical Hacking

No any doubt before starting this course. okay in my eyes you just know about programming. In addition, networking. Must have knowledge of database. In conclusion, little bit about Internet as well.

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Next, Many companies hire some CEH (Certified Ethical Hackers). To protect and testing for security level. EH is a full course of security protection with any angle.

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Furthermore, you should try to understand. in detail about something very important. that is programming language. Meanwhile if you know any single programming.  First and foremost, you know networking as well. Last but not the least you can easily.  go into any system of network.

Questions always asked by ethical hackers. Therefore, many interested people. who want to get joining this course? as well so they ask. why should we know about programming?

Why Know about Programming

For example, if you want to try to hack any website or protect. Any website you should know PHP. JavaScript programming language. much more which is related to adjust like C Sharp as well as much more so as you know programming.

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If you can easily get to protect any system.  through applying some security point. ok if you want to be reached. For example, website security. Look you want to register.

To a website in you. want to put comments.  to the website 100 times. if you want to send millions. Same way billions of traffic. to any website using need. to create some program for it.

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Why know about Networking

So many times, is so many questions asked by people. who wants to get it enter the ethical hacking course? They always ask why should we know about networking. you know. if you want to get hack. any network for supposed Internet service.

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provider and you want to get use free Internet. through 8 or you want to block any network. So how it is possible without knowing everything. about network to protect or hack. any network so that is five network knowledge. is must in ethical hacking.

In the same way, you should know about database. and something about Internet as well. We explain it in our course just go ahead. In this reason buy this course from us.