Learn C Programming Tutorial in Urdu Language

Today, we discuss about learn c programming tutorial in Urdu Language. I examine some basic task. For Example. You want to know about it. Kone about each and everything how it is work. My personal computer operation. All system tools control through programing technique.

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So, we have many things to talk today. For more I will explain you that how can things become possible in a simple system of operating. That is only reason, so that is why I tell you.  Programming controlling to the machine or devices through it.

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Structure of C Programming Language Tutorial

Furthermore, I explain in detail about all points. If you know that, Basic then jump over advanced things. In this case if we talk about a variable it is one of the best six task of programming languages you must know how to initialize variable declared with name as well as assign value to 8 so after that you can easily get things clearly that if you use one thing of variable in a system.

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Control Function in C Programming Language

No doubt, without control statement, you cannot be able to make an application. In simple words, we create logics in our mind through control statements. In simply the best words I said it if password is right open the door if password is wrong close the door so simple thing and we create it through control condition.

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For example:

If (password == right) {

Door Open


Else {

Door Close


In conclusion

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