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In this article, talk about web development courses online free  I will tell you in brief something about development. It very interesting to learn develop a web application. You know it is very hard to make web application for a website.

There are a lot of different kind of things to make one app. Things very interesting in it you know. Honestly speaking application it is the part of elegant website. For suppose we talked about Facebook. it is one of the greatest and best.Largest web application developed in PHP Technologies.

Web Development Courses Online Free Download

You know for the sack of  making a web app. That is why, I have decided to create this post. With heart I will tell you everything clearly. Step by step first need to know about HTML because of  it is the mother of all other languages.

Make your sure to make elegant web pages. and you must have to know about JavaScript. It is client side scripting language. Which is more powerful.

Web Development Courses Online Free Download in Urdu Hindi

If you understand that, it is very easy JavaScript language. It is one of the best and most powerful toolkit for making web app.

We have many other Technologies for making web applications. In more powerful way you know. Technology name PHP, ASP. Alright It is one of the best language to make server-side application. For suppose you upload your image, upload your contents, on web server.

No matter what you are thinking now. Keep one thing clearly in your mind. You are here and I will help you to tell you everything about technology which is used.

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I have divided my web application. Article in three parts one is about HTML and many other Technologies. another is about JavaScript. and it’s for and what is it. We can make with the help of JavaScript.

Definitely also talk about PHP. We need to do with PHP. Best thing in PHP. Don’t worry. I will tell everything step by step as well as one by one. Just go ahead. I am here along with I will also talk about real-time applications.

Learn HTML Complete Web Development Courses Online Free Download

Alright it is time to talk about  HTML.  Basically HTML stand for ( hypertext markup language ). It means that this language is one of the best for technological.

Making web pages as well designing. Inform you that only web browser understand the format of HTML. than after that they can use to display contents.

Okay now question arises in our mind. Up till to what thing we do in the HTML. Same as we can add images, link,text. We can build to list items. Tables and design them. After all of that we will use some programming languages. To make this work full.

For suppose, I have created a form  now consider what we need to do. Of course we need to add some information and get this information from users.  Just like we have username, password, date of birth and many other things like his address as well. It is only possible with programming.

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Ok in form section we have many other things to talk about let’s just tell you that you entered a name in it and tell them your JavaScript script tell you that you entered only 3 digits words you need to add more than 3 digits OK when we had password we it will also tell us for the secretary reason inside one capital letter and many other number symbols and many more.

Web Development : Learn in Detail for JavaScript Programming Language

Hot suppose you entered a Date of Birth which is less than 18 years and allied message generated you are not allowed to submit your phone because we need to registered only other than 18 years or 18 years people.

You know it is one of the best and elegant way to save the time of client as well as server because the side of a JavaScript is best language to solve any problems in any difficulties of client.

I think you have understand what is the work of JavaScript and in where places it is used I hope you get everything about it now it is time to learn.

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PHP Video Tutorial in Urdu Free Download

Okay! now, let just define all about PHP. You must know PHP is server-side programming language. When you submit a form that is submitted into the database.

You can also upload images. You can also manage data on server. There are many other web applications also available for you.

Learn more About PHP (hyperText Preprocessor)

You know we have many CMS (content management System). WordPress is completely developed into the PHP programming language. It is best language for programmer to grow up his career. You know when we use WordPress it is provided us to panels one is admin panel and other is user panel.

Obviously in the admin panel there is no need any program to develop. Here we have graphical interface. where we can perform our task easily. In fact my own website is hosted in it.

I just talked about another Technology you know already about it and you are using for suppose you have a profile of Facebook which is developed in PHP technology and entire website also developed in PHP Technology.

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