Web Developer in Urdu Design and Build Websites

Web Developer in Urdu - Html and CSS Design and Build Websites in Pakistan

Learn online Web Developer in Urdu – Html and CSS Design and Build Websites. In this article, I tell you that how to develop a web page design a web page what technology is behind it to create.

There are many questions arises in the mind of a student about technology. We should know to use web designing and development  at some point, people always want to know different in between web development as well as web design most of time.

I explained everything in this article that will help you to understand the idea of your field. You learn in your course. After the completion of this course, you will be able to design a web page, theme, template as well as you can also develop web applications with some Technologies.

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Web Developer in Urdu – Html and CSS Design and Build Websites

Now first. We will talk about HTML what it is and why. We use this technology it is stand for hypertext markup language which is used for designing, such as creating web pages on elegant way. It is very easy technology to understand by everyone in just an hour. I will explain it furthermore.

Watch demo of HTML and CSS

Keep One thing in your mind clearly. Technology is not enough to design a web page. You need to have CSS technology at same time.  Mostly style sheet you just create simple web pages. In plus design them. However decorate the webpage text, same like as decorate the size of webpage’s, layout of web page,

For suppose I will explain it in detail that if you want to design your header menu bar Navigation bar.

What is Web Designing ?

We have many parts. Web page and CSS not only playing great role to design. in fact you should know each and everything in it. You can also design your farms tables.

Text lens frame and everything in it that will very good idea to design each and everything through their proper use of a tag and what is tag basically describing a descriptive information on webpage.

Alright, I will tell you that if you want to talk about what is web design, web development let me explain it in detail what is web design web design it is a technology to design. Web pages with some other Technologies like HTML and CSS that is it, nothing else.

What’s up as you know this technology you will become a professional and expert level Web Designer, web page template and themes created. I will help you out to understand this technology.

You need to know what is HTML what is CSS and how to use this Technologies for designing web pages you just need to have one month you after that you will be able to create professional level webpages ok.

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What is Web Development ?

What is web development now. I am going to explain it you need to know some web programming just like a PHP just like asp.net JavaScript these are technology which is used in to the web.

if you want to create web application like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and much more and you know that PHP used in WordPress and what is WordPress it is content management system which is used for non-expert in programming or designing.

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