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PowePoint Training Course

PowerPoint Training Course Urdu Video Tutorials

PowerPoint Training Course Complete Video training courses in just rupees 500 /= only for more detail and information you can contact us at our official website cell phone no 03337335044.

PowerPoint Training course Video tutorials


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PowerPoint training Course



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Course Title: Power Point Urdu Video Tutorials JavaScript

Description:Complete Urdu and Hindi Video Tutorials in DVD/CD

Duration: 6 Hours

Total Videos:35 Videos

DVD Size:3.2 GB MP4 file format

Quality: HD Quality 720px Resolution with Digital Sound Quality

Bonus: Urdu eBook Free

Language: Urdu & Hindi

Availability: Available

Price: Rs:500/= Free Delivery


Table of Full Course Contents

  1. New Features in PowerPoint 2007
  2. Where do I Find the Old Buttons?
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. The Screen and its Elements
  5. The Office Button
  6. Quick Access
  7. The Ribbon and the Tabs
  8. Thumbnails
  9. Note Field
  10. The Status Bar
  11. View Buttons
  12. Normal View
  13. Slide Sorter
  14. Slideshow
  15. Zoom
  16. Basic Tasks in PowerPoint
  17. The Best Approach
  18. Initial Tasks.
  19. Start a new, blank presentation
  20. Begin a New Presentation Using a Template
  21. Customising the Slide Format
  22. Choosing a Colour Theme
  23. Putting Content in the Presentation
  24. Entering Text
  25. Add a Slide
  26. Content Objects
  27. Move, Resize and Rotate Image
  28. Image Effects
  29. Excel Charts
  30. Insert a Chart from an Excel Workbook
  31. SmartArt
  32. Multimedia Clips
  33. Video Clips
  34. Tables
  35. Drawings
  36. Hyperlinks
  37. Refining the Presentation
  38. Date, Time and Slide Number
  39. Order of the Slides
  40. Transition Effects
  41. Animations
  42. Text Animation
  43. Animating Images and other Objects
  44. Setting the Slide Show
  45. Custom Slide shows
  46. Playing the Slide Show
  47. Handouts
  48. A Word about Presentation Skills
  49. PowerPoint in Practise
  50. Do not let PowerPoint run the Show
  51. Not Everyone has Eagle Eyes
  52. Use the Effects with Care
  53. Concluding Remarks



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