Photoshop CC Photo Editor Urdu Video Course

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Photoshop cc Photo Editor

Photoshop CC Photo Editor Course Demo


Photoshop CC Photo Editor Tutorials Contents tools and features contents below

1. Introduction to Adobe Photoshop & Course Outline
2. Menu bar
3. Tools
4. Tools Properties
5. Layers
6. Color Adjustment
7. Photo Editing
8. Working with Tools

9. Marquee Tool

10. Lasso Tools

11. Save Selection

12. Magic Wand Tools

13. Modify Selection

14. Crop Tool

15. Clone Tool

16. Healing Tool

17. Gradients Too

18. Selection
19. Undo Previous Steps

20. Copy Selections

21. Create Layers

22. Create Smart Objects

23. Transform Layers

24. Copy Layers between Images

25. Save Images in

26. Photoshop format
27. Arrange Layers

28. Work with Channels

29. Applying Colors
30. Color Palettes overviews

31. Select Colors

32. Work with Painting Tools

33. Clone Image Area with the

34. Clone Stamp Tool

35. Working with Layers
36. Introduction to Layer Masks

37. Make areas within a Layer

38. semitransparent
39. Clip a layer

40. Save and Edit a Selection in an

41. Alpha Channel
42. Work with Folders

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Conclusion :

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