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Course Title: HTML

Description:Complete Urdu and Hindi Video Tutorials in DVD/CD

Duration: 6 Hours

Total Videos:73 Videos

DVD Size:3.9 GB MP4 file format

Quality: HD Quality 720px Resolution with Digital Sound Quality

Bonus: Urdu eBook Free

Language: Urdu & Hindi

Availability: Available

Price: Rs:500/= Free Delivery


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Table of Full Course Contents

HTML Urdu Video Tutorials Contents</h2>
<p>1.    What is HTML?
2.    What is a Web Browser?
3.    What are Versions of HTML?
4.    What can You Do with HTML?
5.    HTML Development Environments
6.    Using a WYSIWYG Editor
7.    Using an HTML Editor
8.    Writing Code with a Text Editor
9.    Publishing Documents

10.    Review of HTML Elements
11.    Rules of Syntax
12.    Making your Code Readable
13.    Making your Code XHTML Compliant
14.    Building a Document
15.    Using Colors
16.    Adding Color to your Page
17.    Using Headings
18.    Using Paragraphs
19.    Using Block quotes
20.    Using Entities
21.    Aligning Block-Level Elements

22.    Inserting Spaces and Line Breaks
23.    Displaying Pre formatted Text
24.    Formatting with Inline Elements
25.    Controlling Fonts
26.    Introducing List Elements
27.    Creating Un ordered Lists
28.    Creating Ordered Lists
29.    Creating Definition Lists
30.    Nesting Lists
31.    Indenting Text with the <ul> Tag

32.    What is an HTML Table?
33.    Building a Table
34.    Using the Border Attribute
35.    Cell Padding and Cell Spacing
36.    Controlling Table and Cell Width
37.    Aligning a Table on the Page
38.    Aligning Tables and Text
39.    Aligning Table Data
40.    Spanning Columns and Rows
41.    Nesting Tables
42.    Adding Color to Tables
43.    Using Tables as a Design Tool

44.    Creating a Hyperlink
45.    Understanding and Using URLs
46.    Linking to a Web Document
47.    Linking to a Local Document
48.    Linking to Anchors
49.    Opening a New Browser Window
50.    Creating a Frameset
51.    Adding the Frame Elements
52.    Creating the Frames
53.    Using the Noframes Element
54.    Using Inline Frames

55.    Graphic File Formats
56.    Optimizing Image and File Size
57.    Inserting Inline Images
58.    Aligning and Formatting Images
59.    Using Images to Anchor Links
60.    Creating a Look-and-Feel
61.    Sizing and Scaling Images
62.    Using Transparent Images
63.    Making an Image Fade In
64.    Finding and Creating Graphics
65.    Using GIF Animation



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