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What is HTML in Information Technology

What is HTML in Information Technology

Tim Berners first developed HTML in 1990. it is the abbreviation of (Hyper Text Mark-up Language). HTML is used to create electronic documents that are shown on the World Wide Web (WWW). Each page comprises a sequence of links to other pages named as hyperlinks.

What is HTML in Information Technology

Each page that we see on the web is written using one version of HTML code or the other. last Article : Introduction to the HTML Language and its variants

HTML coding

HTML coding guarantees the suitable structure of text and images so that Internet browser can demonstrate them as they are meant to look. Without  coding, a browser would not be able to show text as elements, load images, or other elements.  also offers a basic system of the page, upon which Cascading Style Sheets are covered to alter its look. In easy wording, one could say that is the bones of a web page.

HTML tag

Each HTML tag is comprised within a less than and greater than and everything between the starting and closing tag is exhibited. Tags play basic roll in making links.

What is HTML5?

HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML 4 (XHTML follows a different version numbering scheme). HTML 5 uses the similar basic rules as HTML4, but adds some fresh tags and characteristics, which permit for better semantics and for dynamic fundamentals that are activated using JavaScript. New HTML 5 features include section, <article>, <aside>, <audio>, <bdi>, <canvas>, <data list>, <details>, <embed>, <figure>, <figcaption>, <footer>, <header>, <keygen>, <mark>, <nav>, <progress>, <ruby>, <time>, <track>, <video>, and <wbr>. There are also some innovative input types for forms, which comprise tel, search, url, email, date time, date, month, week, date time-local, number, range, and colour.

My Last Words About Article

Therefore, we can say that voyage from HTML to html five is full of technological experiments. As compare to the previous versions of HTML, html 5 is easier and accessible to use and understand. Development of HTML has indeed made internet surfing more promiscuous and informative.


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