Free Online Diploma Courses in Pakistan

Free Online Diploma Courses free in Urdu Language for all students. Full Urdu Video Training course. Meanwhile, for each subject with Free project. file and books in Urdu language.

complete videos tutorials package. in very cheap price. Watch video below for more explanation. of diploma courses in Urdu. We are going to update our website. system in Online point of view.

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Free Online Diploma Courses

You know if you want to diploma in information technology. Next, there are 12 DIT Subjects. which must have to know all about these courses. We see most of the people having diploma degree.

But don’t know every single. thing of it. So that is why we have decided. to add out full video training. courses in Urdu language.

How to Diploma in IT

As a result, When you apply for job where diploma. No doubt is necessary you must have knowledge. In other hand, for IT or in which major subject. that you have done diploma.

Okay these all 12 subject. listed below which will help you much better. regarding online diploma Courses in Urdu Video Language.

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Free Online Diploma Courses First Semester (Duration 6 Months)

  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • C Programming Language
  • Computer Basic
  • Windows Operating System
  • Web Designing (HTML and CSS)
  • Office Automation ( Word – Excel – PowerPoint – Access)

Free Online Diploma Courses Second Semester (Duration 6 Months)

  • Database (PHP and MySQL)
  • Java Programming Language
  • Graphic Designing (Animation Flash Designing )
  • Web designing (HTML and CSS)
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Project (PSD to HTML Full Website)


Finally, You it’s really hard to learn in Computer. Centers there are more than 100 problems to complete 12 DIT. Subjects but we created. easiness for students .

They can learn at home with any difficulty. If you need some help. or information please contact us. Dear friends we just sell a complete.


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