Ethical Hacker – Why Should know Programming + Networking

Read in detail Ethical Hacker – Why Should know Programming + Networking. According to the best of my experience. You must need to know programming. You know programming is this the way of talking.  To the computer system.

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No way creates software or command instruction.  For computer. Other hand if you want to make.  Any script to hack any website.  Or any software or make any game to MOD. For Example, mood or crack any version.

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Of software, you need to know about programming language.  Because you know.  I’m in don’t single thing about. This is reason this software how to complete your task.

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To talk with your software.  No doubt cracks it or more date.  Or anything else according to the way.  Of using some techniques. As a result, tricks of ethical hacking course.

What happen If we have good knowledge Required things

It is very simple task to know things. That clearly if you know programming. You can task complete according to which. Create a script about Airtel. For suppose you have a machine. Forward you want to drive it.  As a matter of fact, you don’t know the way.  Of how to drive one. Is user and one is mechanic and another.  One is technician.

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For Example

Very interesting example in front of you. That if you are technician you know. Each and everything about. Things should clearly. If you are constructor. You can easily know what to make. Things to do accomplish your task.

For suppose if you are not just user now. You are simply the best user not a technician. Not a constructor. So, if you become a constructed. To complete your task.  Meanwhile to any point of view if you are technician. You can also do same task of technician.  On constructor Sam is it.

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Last Words about Ethical Hacker

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