Live Support Terms and Conditions

Thank you for reading about Live Support Terms and Conditions. You know I am selling my computer courses and many services. In this post I am going to define about support. Most of people want to know what is support and do you provide with your courses or any service. alright here i am going to define it clearly with some question and answers.

Question No.1 – What is support ?

Answer: Actually, No one learn from born. It is a technology, If you don’t know how to use it. Then you must required a live support.

Question No.2 -Why do we required your support?

Answer: I try my best to explain everything step by step in my courses and services. In stead of that some people required more information help to do things to be done. That is why you should have required my live support.

Question No.3 – What kind of support that you provide with courses or any service?

Answer: I provide live remote control support hourly base.

Question No.4 – What are the live support charges?

Answer:  I  will get hourly base charges to provide support. There is no any fix fees for support.  It dependence on work and service. I will charge it manually like Rs 2000/hour.

Question No.5 – Why do you get charges for support?

Answer: You know, When i give support about my services and courses. I will close everything and all my projects. Then I go live with you. I spend my time my energy. That is why It required some charges.

Question No.6 – What kind of service do you provide?

Answer: I provide many services like, Web design, web application development, Creating business website, Live Teaching,
Marketing services, Provide technical solutions.

Question No.7 – How to get Paid live support?

Answer: You can simple the best send a message via form. Tell us about what kind of support that you want to buy. We will also discuss about charges according to the support.

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Note: I don’t have any refund policy. Once you paid your amount will never refund in any condition. I provide paid support for the courses and my services. If you want to get special support. Go and get more information about our paid support. Live Support Terms and Conditions.