What is Ethical Hacking – Learn in Urdu

In this article, I will tell you in detail clearly about What is Ethical Hacking – Learn in Urdu. As a result, you will know the basic of hacking. In addition, I elaborate definition of it. Meanwhile this post gives you brand new idea for hacking. Let just get started.


To protect any network any organization company from accessing unauthorized person which have no anyone or employee. No doubt Person that it won’t work says the secret information from the system.

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What is Ethical Hacking Other Explanation

In other words:

Many companies like a Microsoft Google Corporation Apple Corporation and other many biggest corporation which needs to protect their system from accessing unauthorized personalities. They hired these kinds of persons and give them full permission to break their system and tell them where a system is weak.

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Who are Ethical Hacker

This is very interesting question and I am going to explain it in detail that this person or programmer network administrator and database manager. Of course, they have more than 10-year experience in their field.

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Basically, hacking is a trick or is a technique to get secret information without telling person or to break the security of some system which is come in hacking and hacking it is illegal keep that thing in your mind systematically.

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In Conclusion

Finally, I decided you enjoyed a lot and learn many things about it when you cover this course you realize that how much importance of this course you know when any ethical hacker heard from any biggest company they demand more than billions or millions of salaries in a month.