Computer Training Instructors for Video Tutorials

Computer Training Instructors list the work in the website and providing professional level video tutorials in Urdu Language.

Computer Training Instructors List

Computer Training Instructors Naeem Hussain


Naeem Hussain (BSCS)

Naeem Hussain is the founder of He has completed his master degree in Computer Science 2014 from University of Sindh. He created the content management sytem of Computer Pakistan. There is thousand of Urdu video tutorials and many books which is written by naeem. His most interested field is web designing & Developing. Naeem Hussain developed many application in PHP.

Computer Training Instructors Amjad Ali

Amjad Ali Soomro (BSCS)

Amjad Hussain has one of the best computer Instructor of Computer Pakistan. He is most senior
and most famous IT Instructor, He research over many IT application, He developed the online examination system for computer pakistan. Amjad Ali now a days work over programming subjects like Visual Basic, C/C++, PHP, Java. Amjad is interested in SQL database, Programming.


Waheed Ali Ghunio (DCBM)

Waheed Ali has completed his DCBM and also completed master degree from Shah abdul Latif University. He is good in Computer Hardware Training, IT, Flash, Dreamweaver, Corel Draw and many other desktop publishing application. His Interest in Graphic Designing.