Learn Computer Operating System Video Course in Urdu Hindi

Get knowledge Learn Computer Operating System Video Course in Urdu Hindi , In this post, we will talk about what is operating system and how to use it okay first I just going to explain it in detail basically. Complete tutorial in Urdu language. Read out my last post: Learn JavaScript in Urdu Hindi PDF – Web Design and Development

What is Operating System ?

Al though operating system it is a software system software which is used to control the devices of machine was suppose we talk about computer we install operating system on it as well.

We control keyboard mouse and printer sound system.This system also integrated with a user with user graphic interface. You can easily operate the OS (operating system ). Operate the devices of a machine with this system as well we can also install applications on it same as.

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Watch Demo for OS

Ok let me just explain in the demo with detail I hope you enjoyed a lot and land very exciting things from us if you want to purchase this video training for go ahead.

Alright submit your order here down below. Ok let me explain more about this system software. We will discuss in West Coast how to manage the memory. Learn the way to use software and how to control process of machine.

Memory Management System

Few things we are going to cover in this article which is a storage management system memory management system process management system and disc management system.

Let me just explain one by one with clearly in the memory management system if we talked already.  You will know the manage memory, store data simultaneously.

Mostly retrieve information from permanent storage and store it is temporary for processor and how these operations are going to be performed in memory management system respectively .

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Process Management System

Hindi process management system you know that process is the mind of computer machine and it control everything and every processor processed by processor. So that is why it is main part of an operating system.

you just know what task is going to be fit for it. Such as we cover this thing in detail. So go ahead and purchase it’s video training  and you will know everything about processor works.

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Storage Management System

In this system restore data on the disc drive ok we also create partition of 8 and basically it is not partition on the disc but it is graphical interface little sister information on drive like code.

Basically how data is stored on the desk we will talk about and what format it will be storage in latest technology we have many in storage medium just like USB SD card and optical disc drive ok now a days, CDS and DVDs technology has gone away.

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Security of OS

This system security we install many antivirus applications on our system we also on the firewall for protecting from viruses Malware and other tours and horse to load out a system.

Such like that corrupt file of the machine okay if you want to know more about it. You will also learn how to protect a system and maintain.

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