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Urdu Courses Learn 3D MAX Complete Video Training Course of how to design and develop 3D MAX Project step by step simple and easy to understand Online Videos in Cheap Price just order now bottom button.

Watch Demo Learn 3D MAX Video Tutorial

Autodesk.com providing 3D MAX one of the best and most advance technology in the world. You see video advertisements that is all about this technology. After completion of course you will be able to decorate you own projects. Click below link to learn how to I make an advertisement via autodesk tech.

3D MAX Tutorials in Urdu – Complete Course Free Download

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How to create a simple project with PHP Programming Video Course One of the most popular technology in the world. there are many popular website are using PHP back-end programming most popular site i would like to define just like a facebok.com and other wordpress.com other many web applications. that you don’t know even single thing you can also get many things about here.

Learn with Urdu Courses PHP Programming + DVDs

In this course I have add a project file and books which will help you more. I love to teach online. Okay my website is best and offering cheapest prices in the Pakistan. If you want to buy please click on menu select shop and learn how to buy this course.


PHP Programming Video Course  training is full and completed I teach in this tutorial step by step in spite of that you have any problem or difficulty please contact us to know more about it.

Urdu Courses Video Editing for Beginners + DVDs

Learn Video Editing Tutorials. In addition, for Beginners Video Streaming, Now, learn how to Edit a Video. From here Which recorded from Cell phone.  Furthermore, other movie recorders. As well as, screen capture software.

Software : here

Moreover, We have discussed. All things about Video quality.  Camera capture Points. Buy video editors course. Meanwhile, beginners with free home delivery.

Video Editing Courses Contents

  • Learn 3 Software
  • Editing Projects
  • Ultimately, Basic Features
  • Next, Quality and Voice
  • Use of Effects
  • Work with background
  • Settings Timelines
  • Learn Layers

Read more : Software Tutorial in Urdu

In Conclusion

Finally, You learn in this course. Many projects we define. No doubt it will help you. For more detail. go to the main page of course.

Computer Hardware Courses in Urdu Video DVDs

Let’s basic learning about Computer Hardware Tutorial. Of Course in Urdu Video  for beginners. Furthermore, this tutorials we have discussed. Meanwhile,  All major things about Information technology. In this way, Complete training with example. Get it now with free home delivery.

Online Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Internet
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Basic operation
  • Typing

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