How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 easy steps

Start a Blog and Make Money is very popular thing online, if you write it in the search engine, You find out more and more about it, But You get confused how to actually earn money from bloggering, Here i started new blog name:  it is about one of the most popular social network. You know it is need to think What you are doing and what you will do. Oh! before start it please read out my last article: Learn Computer Basics Tutorial for Beginners.

 How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online in 10 easy steps ?

Step.1 Create a blog on CMS (Content management System) Here : Google Blogger Video Tutorials in Urdu Free Download

Step.2 Now you need to know How to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Here: SEO Video Tutorials in Urdu Free Download

Step.3 After Creating a Blog, and Written contents over than 300 words of 300 Post with right on page and off page SEO. at least 6 month old website. You must have to think about Make Money Online Here : Earn Online Video Tutorials in Urdu Free Download

Step.4 If you have less than 1000 traffic in each day you think about traffic must.

Step.5 Get Popularity on Social Networks: Like Facebook, Google +, Twitter

Step.6 Start posting comment on other alternative blogs.

Step.7 Create Backlink  to get rank from Search engines and other ranking Website.

Step.8 Don’t spend whole day on blogging, Do a job anywhere else physically come after part-time on Cause newbie get a time to understand the way of blogging and earning.

Step.9 Apply for advertisement after succession of you website. Just like Adsense, and other.

Step.10 Target people with free stuff.

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Last instructions:

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