How to Speak English Easily Tips in urdu in urdu 5 Steps

How to Speak English Easily Tips for beginners, You know in our country Pakistan, Here is great demand for good speak English Persons, Why do I learn foreign Language instead of my own national ? I have a answer for to you. Our entire education system in that, Computer Software Technology that we use in same, Business and many other companies products in it. Whatever we do all is in it. So that is why it is more than 100 times need of it. Okay this post and article is about tell you the shortest and fast effective 5 tips to  fluent talk. First read my last article: how to learn english speaking at home free download.

How to Speak English Easily Tips in 5 Steps ?

Tip Step 1. You need the know the grammar like (Parts of Speech) Here

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Tip Step 2. You know all tenses You know there are 12 Tenses (Times) When you try to speak english, there is any time duration is going on.

Tip Step 3. According to best of my knowledge you have vocabulary as much as you can remember.  But I highly recommended to you have to recist at least 10,000 words with meaning or more.

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Tip Step 4.  Uses and Helping Verbs playing a great role to talk in it, It had better to make correct usage of it. I realised that It is the way i talk some of how help me a lot.


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Tip Step 5. You know above kep tricks are much resultative but five number is more efficient than all. Receipt more that 4 to 5 pages which is composed by yourself. Let me explain it more Try to create speech on those words which is mostly use in the general talk in between two persons. I hope you understand what i mean.

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