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Naeem Hussain Solangi and I am author of the I created in 2013 after completing my graduation I decided to start working about something profitable like making a website and earning money from it.  Now I have done it successfully.

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I will share one thing more with you which is that you know I am providing best free online help and other more services like SEO, Blogging. I spend half of the day in the blogging. I believe in myself to be an expert, You will give me a change I hope you will never be disappointed.

Naeem Hussain Solangi Qualification 

I have done my graduation in  BS(CS) from University Of Sindh country Pakistan.
Blogging Story
I was become serious about my feature. When I had completed my graduation, before we discuss this story you have to know my keen, yes it is definitely in blogging and web designing, So I started immediately in the year 2013.
About my life
I’m in a position to say I am the latest responsible as well as a hard-working professional boy. Moreover, to be considered a sociable male or female, I have got many friends Since I enjoy talk having people and familiarize myself with new fascinating individuals . It is nice to investigate and ones students usually are friendly and willing to help. The ambiance can not yet make me want to go presently there when. I decide to receive and handle demanding responsibilities.
2 Experience years in Programming, HTML CSS, XML, Java Script, Blogging, JQuery, Ajax, PHP and many more regarding IT field.
Working in
Thanks for visiting more about myself. Comment me for encourage and also subscribe my blog. If you want to knoe more about me please feel free to contact me 03337335044.

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