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Course Title: Java Script Full Urdu Video tutorials JavaScript

Description:JavaScript Complete Urdu and Hindi Video Tutorials in DVD/CD

Duration: 6 Hours

Total Videos:73 Videos

DVD Size:3.9 GB MP4 file format

Quality: HD Quality 720px Resolution with Digital Sound Quality

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Language: Urdu & Hindi

Availability: Available

Price: Rs:5000/= Free Delivery

Table of Full Course Contents

1.    Exploring JavaScript
2.    JavaScript and HTML Text
3.    Using Scripts Within a Document Head
4.    Older and Nonstandard Browsers
5.    Including JavaScript Files
6.    Debugging JavaScript Errors
7.    Using Comments
8.    Semicolons
9.    Variables
10.    String Variables
11.    Numeric Variables
12.    Arrays
13.    Operators
14.    Arithmetic Operators
15.    Assignment Operators
16.    Comparison Operators
17.    Logical Operators
18.    Variable Incrementing and Decrementing
19.    String Concatenation
20.    Escaping Characters
21.    Variable Typing
22.    Functions
23.    Global Variables
24.    Local Variables
25.    The Document Object Model
26.    But It’s Not That Simple
27.    Another Use for the $ Symbol
28.    Using the DOM
29.    Expressions and Control Flow in JavaScript
30.    Expressions
31.    Literals and Variables
32.    Operators
33.    Operator Precedence
34.    Associativity
35.    Relational Operators
36.    The with Statement
37.    Using onerror
38.    Using try  catch
39.    Conditionals
40.    The if Statement
41.    The else Statement
42.    The switch statement
43.    The ? Operator
44.    Looping
45.    while Loops
46.    do  while Loops
47.    for Loops
48.    Breaking Out of a Loop
49.    The continue Statement
50.    Explicit Casting
51.    JavaScript Functions, Objects, and Arrays
52.    JavaScript Functions
53.    The arguments Array
54.    Returning a Value
55.    Returning an Array
56.    JavaScript Objects
57.    Declaring a Class
58.    Creating an Object
59.    Accessing Objects
60.    The prototype Keyword
61.    JavaScript Arrays
62.    Numeric Arrays
63.    Associative Arrays
64.    Multidimensional Arrays
65.    Using Array Methods
66.    JavaScript and PHP Validation and Error Handling
67.    Validating User Input with JavaScript
68.    The validatehtml Document (Part One)
69.    The validatehtml Document (Part Two)
70.    Regular Expressions

71.    Using Regular Expressions in JavaScript
72.    Using Regular Expressions in PHP
73.    Redisplaying a Form After PHP Validation

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