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Hello everybody how are you. Today I am going to explain something about Free Video Editing Training Courses Online in this article we will learn how to make and edit a video with software and tools. Mostly people record there videos from mobile and capture some pictures as well. After recording you realized that Video has many things to fix. for suppose I record a lunch party video of my friends gathering. I point out somethings there was a hug problem of sound mixing, and lighting effects. Okay It is time to edit your video. There are many software for editing videos. But before start it please read my last article about : Learn Premiere Pro Video Editing software in Urdu .

Watch Free Video Editing Training Courses Online

Here are some list of software which is best according to my best of knowledge and information also using them. I got to know which one is suitable for what condition. That is why selected and recommended you for video editing software. See here is a list of all my Video editing tools and Software below.

Camtasia Video Editor

Camtasia one of the nice software for beginners and professional people you know on there are many training courses in English language are edited on Camtasia software. I love to edit my videos on it.


Official Website

idoo Video Editing Software

Great and easy to use this application software let me explain what you can do in it. You can split videos in many parts and join videos add effect, Cutter, Rotate, Cropper, Subtitle, Watermark and much more. I use it for editing my tutorials for YouTube. and my website.


Official Website :


My final Words about this post

Thank you very much for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed to reading above info, Dear friend if you want to buy full video editing course go to this link : here  and also watch demo for all of this. We have many video editing software training courses as well. If you have any query please comment us or submit call back request.