5 Programming Languages Guide

In this post you will find 5 programming languages guide,I am going to share with you my 6 programming language tutorial for beginners. You will learn each and everything step by line Code by code to the topic to the point.

Computer Programming Course in Urdu Introduction

I will try my best to teach thing clearly with project all are the courses and its detail with module you can check it out

1 – Php programming Language Courses

You will learnاس کورس میں آپ سہکھیں گے۔

Note : You can watch first 3 lectures for free

#Module 1Watch
1 Php Basic IntroductionWatch
2 Software Installation – Atom Source Code Editor – Google Chrome – Xampp ServerWatch
3 My First Php Program – Hello WorldWatch
4 What is Variable and How to use Variable in Php – Php Syntex – Variable Source CodeVIP only
5 Php Arthmetics – Multiplication Susbtraction Addition Division – Learn Php Source CodeVIP only
6 If Else ConditionsVIP only
7 Php If else Conditions – Learn Php Condition with Source Code – SyntextVIP only
8 Php Compiler – How Php Program Runs on Server – How to Check Syntext ErrorVIP only
9 Why we use Loop in Php Programming – Learn Loops in PhpVIP only
10 For Loop Source Code – How Loop is Work in Php Programming – Basic SyntextVIP only
Module 2
11 While Loop – Learn basic Source Code of While Loop in Php ProgrammingVIP only
12 Learn How to use Do While life in Php – Why we use Do While complete explainationVIP only
13 Learn Php – Builten Php Function and User Defined Functions in Php with Source CodeVIP only
14 Array in Php – Basic Use of Array Full defination with Source Code – Php SyntextVIP only

Download Sectionکورس کا ڈائونلوڈ پارٹ۔

1 Class workVIP only
2 Watch on YouTube or DownloadVIP only
3 download all lecturesVIP only

2 – JavaScript Programming Language

1 learn javascript for beginners

3 What is JavaScript

4 My First Program in JavaScript

5 What is Variable Part 1

6 Variable Part 2

7 Arthmatical Operators

8 Assignment

9 What is Function

10 Call Function

11 if else

12 if else

12 What is Loop

13 for loop

14 for loop 2

14 while loop

15 Do while loop

16 Do while loop code

17 Array

18 Switch

19 switch 2

3 – Java Programming thtorials for Beginners

  • Java 01 Introduction  Learn Java Programming
  • Java 02 Advance Introduction Learn Java Programming-2
  • Java 03 Installation and  first program  Learn Java Programming
  • Java 04 1st Program Definition Learn Java Programming-4
  • Java 05 Variables Data Types Learn Java Programming-5
  • Java 06 Escape sequences  Learn Java Programming
  • Java 07 Operators Learn Java Programming-1.m4v”
  • Java 08 Loop Conditions Learn Java Programming-8
  • Java 09 if else conditions  Learn Java Programming
  • Java 10 switch conditions  Learn Java Programming
  • Java 11 Array Learn Java Programming-11
  • Java 12 Class Finalization  Learn Java Programming
  • Java Notes.zip

4 – VB – Visual Basic Complete Tutorial for Beginners

01 Introduction

 02 software installation

 03 software introduction

 04 create a project in VB Part 1

 05 create a project in VB part 2

 06 create simple calculator

 07 Start time and Stop

 08 Menu Bar

 09 Current Data and time

 10 open PDF file into Form

 12 varriable declaration

 13 Create Database Connect to VB

 14 if condition

 15 background color

 16 list box

 17 progressbar

 18 Check Box and Radio Button

 19 Login System

 20 add image

 21 Loop

 22 create database

 23 connect access database to VB

 24 Customize data

 25 Add Record via form


5 Android App Development Tutorials for Beginners

02 Android Legal Instructions  Learn Android App -1

 03 Android Studio Installation (1)  Learn Android App -2

 04 Android Studio Features  Learn Android App -4

 05 Project Introduction  Learn Android App -5

 06 Create A Project Part 1  Learn Android App -6

 07 Create A Project Part 2  Learn Android App -3

 08 Design A Project  Learn Android App -4

 09 Finish Addsub Project  Learn Android App -5

 10 Add Image  Learn Android App -10

 11 Link To Addsub  Learn Android App -11

 12 Add Menu Button  Learn Android App -12

 13 About Project And Files  Learn Android App -13

 14 How To Created A Gurubalpuri Project  Learn Android App -6

 15 How to Upload Android App on Google Play Store_01

 16 Learn How to Create Thumbnails for Android App

 17 Upload APK Thumbnails with Size

 18 Finalization of Android App

 Class Work.zip

How to Start learning programming for beginners

Above all tutorials specially created for beginners . You will get it on your email address. Just contact us.

FAQs – what is object oriented programming OOP

you will come to know all about what is object oriented programming? Write codes in parts know as object then make complete application considered as oriented programming. It means to say you will develop an application start from small write source code as object collect multiple objects work on data of the application not on function and logics.


Market price for this Complete course is Rs 5000/= for all programming bundles with class word and helping data.