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WordPress Urdu Video Tutorials learning DVD just rupees 500 /= only for more detail and information you can contact us at our official website cell phone no 03337335044.
WrodPress Urdu Video Tutorials


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Course Title: How to Make Money Online JavaScript

Description:Complete Urdu and Hindi Video Tutorials in DVD/CD

Duration: 6 Hours

Total Videos:73 Videos

DVD Size:3.9 GB MP4 file format

Quality: HD Quality 720px Resolution with Digital Sound Quality

Bonus: Urdu eBook Free

Language: Urdu & Hindi

Availability: Available

Price: Rs:500/= Free Delivery


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Table of Full Course Contents

  1. Internet Marketing
  2. What is Marketing?
  3. Advertising
  4. Promotion
  5. Public Relations
  6. Old vs. New Rules of Marketing
  7. The Old Rules
  8. The New Rules
  9. The Five Ps of Internet Marketing
  10. Product
  11. People
  12. Price
  13. How Important is Price?
  14. Demand for the Product or Service
  15. Your Environment
  16. Pricing Strategies
  17. Place
  18. Promotion
  19. Website 101 – Your Front Line of Internet Marketing
  20. Design Basics
  21. Your Domain Name
  22. Your Contact Information
  23. Appearance
  24. Functionality and Maneuverability
  25. Additional SEO Techniques
  26. Article Marketing
  27. Using Blogs and Forums
  28. Social Media Sites
  29. Video Sites
  30. Press Releases
  31. Additional Internet Marketing
  32. Internet Advertising
  33. Advertising on Other Websites
  34. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  35. Affiliate Marketing
  36. Branding
  37. The website
  38. Content Marketing
  39. Content Marketing Action
  40. Blogging for Business
  41. Voice and Personality
  42. Blog Environments
  43. Internally Hosted Blogs
  44. Other Blog Hosting Options
  45. Building a Blog
  46. Blogger Example
  47. WordPress Example
  48. More Blogging: WordPress Options
  49. Customizing a Theme
  50. Customizing Background
  51. General Settings
  52. Using Widgets
  53. Blog Posts
  54. Managing Pages
  55. Connecting with Search Engines
  56. Connecting with Customers
  57. Introduction to Email Marketing
  58. What is Email Marketing?
  59. Direct Emails
  60. Retention Emails
  61. Email Placed Ads
  62. Does Email Marketing Work?
  63. Is there a Catch to Email Marketing?
  64. Spam: The Big No-No in Email Marketing
  65. Be Educated
  66. Using Email Marketing Software
  67. Introduction
  68. Choosing an Email Service Provider
  69. What to Look for in an ESP
  70. Customer Relationship Management Software
  71. Building Email Lists by Quantity
  72. Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication
  73. Building a List with Opt-in Points
  74. What are Opt-in Points?
  75. How to Place Opt-In Points
  76. Double Opt-In
  77. Offering an Opt-Out
  78. Using List Brokers to Build a List
  79. How NOT to Build Your Email Contact List
  80. Minimizing SPAM Complaints
  81. What Do Users Consider Spam
  82. Legitimate Emails and Practices



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