Certificate in Information Technology [CIT]

Full Tutorials for Certificate in Information Technology [CIT]. In this article we are going to talk about in detail about short certificate that will you easily understand what we need to do for this certification you must need to have passed matriculation at first after that you get admission from our Institute.

Detail about Certificate in Information Technology

There are only 6 subjects in this syllabus and this course is use duration about 6 Months. There are 6 subjects all subjects are listed below, and every subject contain.




Video DVD


Intro: to IT (Contents)

Information Technology

Intro: to IT


C & C++ (contents)

Basic of C Programming

C Programming


MS Office 2007 (Contents)

Microsoft Office(Words, Excel, Power Point, Access)

MS Office Suit


Adobe Photoshop (Contents)

The Book of Photoshop

Photoshop in Urdu


Web Designing (Contents)

The Guide for Web Designing

Web Designing in Urdu


Hardware & Maintenance (Contents)

The Book of Hardwares

Hardwaring Training


Link and click on it check it out. ITS syllabus and outline after that. Go ahead and check it out demo as well. These courses according .to my point of view ok. If you want to get certification in short. And go ahead just Harry. Have a contact form below .and fill it out we will contact. You back and talk on call.

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My Institute name is a name. Computer training institute. Not it is in to the Jacobabad. Which is registered from tub. Stand for trade testing board. In Year 2014 we teach.

Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

You can easily order these all video training. Courses in Urdu language in Urdu video dvds. You can also purchase Link from our website. As well we help you on a Skype according .to whatever problem you. Have in the course ok we teach online. Since 2012 and we are most professional in this field.

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Final Words

Our goal our target to make professional. And improve your skill in the field. Of Computer technology. If you want to become a professional. No doubt we offer level computer Operator.

Now just check it out the demo of all our courses. In short and if you want to get admission. In our Institute go ahead. And make a call to discuss on it.