Android Tutorial for Beginners Video Free Download

Hi everyone! This post is about Android Tutorial for Beginners Video Free Download I am going to teach you complete video training for operating the Android cell phone in Urdu Language. Now you can learn how to use your smart phone in which Android Operating System installed. First of all we need to know what is Operating System and What Is Android. Read my last Article : importance of html in web designing

What is Operating System?

According to my best of knowledge, I am trying to define in short but mean able, A System Software which is installed on device and control the components of it. Let me explain it further more you know a mobile phone is a single device.

As compare to computer system. Computer Machine components like Keyboard, Mouse LCD and CPU separately controlled by operating system. But I talk about Mobile Components Like (Camera, Search Light, Keypad) everything is controlled by OS (Operating System). Also read Programming Courses:

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What is Android?

It is Software which is installed in the Tablets, Smart Phone and other devices. It is invented by Google Corporation. One of the fast growing and most using OS in the world.

There are millions of Application are in the world. Some of them free and paid. Whatever you need you just install app for it. Millions of Games also available.

Android Tutorial for Beginners Video Free Download

That is why I decided to create a complete video training course for beginners. Actually some people who are not expert. Don’t know how to operate android mobile which touch.

They got difficulty. Meanwile, I teach How to apply settings and install application like games and other utility. I also teach how to use Facebook and Whats App and many other application as well. Furthermore, I will also teach you how to make a call and send SMS (Short Message Service), install themes and much more.

My last consultative instructions for you

Thank you for reading my article. If you have any query please feel free to contact me or just submit call back request. Also Watch video how to buy courses from us.


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