Android App Programming Tutorials for Beginners

Learn Android App Programming Tutorials for Beginners Hi readers, today I’m going to tell you about app and operating system. As you know that, Mobile phones are now very important part of our lives. In the past, Mobile phone technology was started from simple phones. which were only used for calls and messages.

But day by day, the mobile users are increasing and their needs.  In addition, facilities are also increasing. For new technology. Mostly we need new software’s and operating systems. Now people are using cell phones not for making calls and messages only. therefore, They are using this technology for their work. For example,  entertainment. Internet surfing social networking etc. For this purposes.

Android App Programming Tutorials for Beginners 

Android is like a software bunch containing not only operating system but also contain middle ware applications with key applications. When google have taken android Inc. in 2005. Many original updates, apps and android programs released. This is very powerful operating system and it support large number of applications in smart phones. Due to android online market system.

there are almost 2 lacks game’s and apps on store with over 3 billion+ downloads. People can download these Original and third party’s apps from store. Hardware’s of android are mainly supporting Arm architecture platform. Application for android is mostly written in Java programming language and the most reliable version is Linux 2.6 for core system services like, for Security. Memory and processing management. Driver models and network stack etc. For Android software development, the most useful tool is SDK (Software development kit) by it. apps make people life more comfortable and easier. That’s why, this technology is widely used now a day.

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Final instructions Android App Programming Tutorials for Beginners

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