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WWW Facebook Com login Problems Mostly Faced by People Resolved

WWW Facebook Com login Problems faced by many Registered IDs. you know there is roundabout up to 35 % Accounts are faked. FB Corporation introduced security time to time. This Social Network track your activity what you are doing within the profile. Many people try to spamming, Like they want Whatever we post more than 1000 we get likes on it. More comments on it. According to best of my knowledge. Facebook set up time limit in it. You can not send more 1000 Friends request in each day. You can add members more than 200 in group just in day. You can not like more than 500 hundreds Fan Pages. There are too many limitations comes by programmers. I suggest you don’t wast your time in the useless tricks.  Read my Last article: Facebook Group Auto Poster Software Free download.

WWW Facebook Com login Problems Mostly Faced by People Resolved Working

WWW Facebook Com login Problems FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

I hope these Question answers will give you all things that you face some times. You also share with me your problem. I will do my best to give right answer.

Question 1. Why do I add My Cell Phone number in Facebook ID ?

Answer:      It is necessary to add your cell phone as soon as possible if you have not added. You can reset your password again with number. Number verified account never be blocked by www Facebook com corporation. How to add number here: Facebook Account Registration

Question 2. Why should not cross limitation ?

Answer:  If you cross the limitation sending more friends requests, adding more members in the groups, unfollow friends, tag many people in the photo, Upload a adult posts or videos, abuse many people, It means that you volatile the terms and condition of the Facebook. It could be possible they deleted your account permanently.  with restriction. You can not use other people name with faq ID, If a person claimed his ID with his real identification, He will sue you, possible crime  to gel you. Read more at Privacy Policy : Updating Our Terms and Policies:

Question 3. How to Contact with Facebook Support Center ?

Answer:  I have written a post with brief explanation of this question read it here:  
Question 4. How to make Safe and Secure ID ?
Answer: I have also published a post regarding Facebook security Here: 

Question 5. Why do I blocked by Facebook ?

Answer:  Control Speed to get safe from temporary blocking. Let me tell you can post multi groups less than fifty in 10 minutes. Send Friends request if  there is no pending request  also read: 
Question 6. Why Image Verification Tag Appease When I login or Sign In ?
Answer: Do not tag many friends in the a photo, Read What is Tag  how to add people in it: 

Question 7. Protect my Facebook Account from Hackers ?

I read out one of the best article regarding security issues. one two tricks I am sharing with you. 
1.Do not save password in the web browsers.
2.Do not like unknow people or post.
3.Change your password at learn one time in a month.
4. Double security password.
5. Subscribe for Password Login Alert.

Last Important Instruction for You.

I am happy to see you here. I explained all things regarding Facebook Login Problems, In spite that you have any other query please feel free to say in the comment box, Do not forget to subscribe my Blog. 


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