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What is SEO & Basic Terminological Words

What is SEO Search-engine-optimization-photo

What is SEO Basically word seo stand for search engine optimization. It means that all over thing which we discuss come to cross in between. Okay I am going to teach you one of best key terminology about words. Well I would like to share most confusion terminological word that will really help you much about basic of blogging & SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine like Google, bing, ask, yahoo, etc and optimization we use to define as to optimize a blog (part of website where you can update on regular basis) By the help of SEO your blog come to display in top of index of any search engine. It means one of million be the first in searching through follow the rule of  Basic SEO .

What is SEO  Basic Terminological Words

What is SEO Basic Page rank: Number of visitors to visit or traffic  over a website in a day. By point of view your  ratio according to rank become in your site favor day by day like stand up from earth to sky.

Traffic: Visitors to visit a website this is known as a traffic.

Back links: To Link of your website on high rank  which is called back link.

Feed: Feed also called a post of website. Or feed is a small part of a post.

Directories: Every Search Engine has its personal directory when it is indexing to after that make a indexed folder by the name of same indexed website.

Google bot, crawl: Search Engines indexed a every day by the help of crawl and Google bot, both are same just name change.

Robots.txt: When a search engine is indexed by default all of the blog has gone indexed but if you want that search engines index your website on your choice you should have to set up or configure robot.txt file  it just work like you give command to search engine what allow and what disallow.

Panda and Penguin: Panda is Google algorithm that find out a duplicates contents of website, and also give penalty.

Domain Name Sub domain name: On choice name for  like computerpakistan this is my domain name. Sub domain name like (example.domain.com)

Web hosting: A storage space where you store data of website.
Spam: I use to define Spam in simple word you catch it mean that without permission  unwanted data auto play.

Keyword: Keyword is one of the best part of SEO every search engine gives first priority to keyword , everything visitor type in search engine take it as a keyword.

Long tail keyword or Phrase: For the new web site or beginner much recommended long tail keyword is that a word which is made up of three or four words.

Shot tail keyword: Word build up of only on just two word or one word.
Organic Search: If there is auto search in engine search post on demand of visitors like they search something about special that is in your website related topics.

Inorganic search: Without search engine manually open your  known as in organic.  for example you are saying to your friend or any other person that open your  with your reference.

Primary keyword: a keyword Which is present in your domain name, and main  description that you use in all post.

Secondary keyword: A keyword in the post you can use it in the title, heading bold text, anchor tag, label.

Title: Title is one of the more important key point of your post title as well as post title, it must be unique, qualitative, short , and easy to understandable for everyone.

Broken link: You might know that one error always find in the some web page like 404 not found. It means either link broken or not found, another reason it could be server is not give a response. If you want to check broken links of your  to visit broken link checker.

Some words in final  I hope you will have gotten more information. My teaching is just give  you all the better way that I can able to provide you. Please subscribe my blog and comment me if you want to know anythng more thanks.


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