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Very Basic Tutorial Of Post For Revert To Draft In Blogger

Revert To Draft In Blogger Hi every one Lets start to talking about the how to post revert in to the draft for instance If you have some problem with  like there is a lot of grammatical error now you don’t have time to make them correct so what to do for this situation just revert this in to the draft. Remember that it just only  revert from your blog it is not revert from your Google  indexed when some one want to visit this link they find and error 404 so be aware to this.

Post Revert To

Draft Below Screen shot it just about it okay now you have to do a simple work just click the link of blog title and on the option above the list. I have mark to arrow to it. Now check mark to the post which you want to your article back it to the draft box, It is place below the title of you article, first check mark to it,after that click now it going back and save, Remember one thing more, when ever you are writing an article, If stop it and you system unfortunately log out, come back log in, Your article has been automatically saved in the draft.


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