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Facebook Activity Log Information

Today I will tell you about Facebook Activity Log, You know we have all info about what we do and what is going on in our account, you post a single image, link etc. Read my last article: Why Should I Advertise with Facebook.

How Do I see My Facebook Activity Log

1.  Go to 
2 . Login with your Facebook username and password button enter when you come first homepage is your first
3 scroll scroll Mouse in the settings icon Flex activity log.


Facebook Activity Log here
4. Here is the history of your account since start time.
Facebook Activity Log all info is here

More about Facebook Activity Log

Everything is clearly defined in the you know that Facebook world famous social utility when we login okay we like page group and perform other many operations. we need to do have all information. The detail of everything. I truly define and tell you that how do you check out all things in the activity log.

Final Words:

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