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Top Ten Most Popular Websites In The World

Let’s have a small look most popular website of the world in the year 2013 according to wikipedia, you know We all world is now come to cross on technology, Here I am sharing with you best of the best most popular websites. My aim to give you full information about all over for what these website come on top, We have to discuss also there secret of popularity. Before we do this you just check it out below list.

Top Most Popular Websites

 S.No       Name                    Alexa Traffic Rank                 Websites Type
1.                1                                                Social Media
2.             Google                 2                                                Search Engine
3.             Youtube                  3                                                Media
4.              Yahoo!                  4                                               Search
5.                Baidu                 5                                               Search
6.             Wikipedia                6                                              Encyclopedia
7.              Windows live        7                                              Portal
8.             Amazon                   8                                              eCommerce Marketing
9.              Tencent QQ          9                                              Massaging
10              Twitter                    10                                             Social Networking
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