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5 Owners of Most Popular Websites

Top five best websites and their owners. I tell you about their total worth and some thing more. You know most of famous person from USA. Because of an advance country have more facilities to build up. Get instant success with in short time. It is not big matter for them. For example in the Pakistan. Why do I not get success. I have not such a good resources to apply. I know everything about technology. I am good programmer. Best web designer in spite of this I am counted in some failure persons. Any way let this thing off. Come to the point Who are the most popular personality in the world. Owners of the top websites Just have a list below

Top 5 Websites & Their Owner

1. Larry Page  
Larry Page is an american. CEO of Google. He is a computer scientist like me. His total worth in the year of 2013 $24.9. You know Google is founded in the year 1996.


 2. Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg is an american whose religion Jewish. chairman and CEO of Facebooke.net Which was launched in the 2004.  His total worth is $16.8 in 2013.


3. Salar Kamangar
Salar Kamangar is from tehran. He is CEO of youtube which is owned by Google in 2006.


 4. Jerry Yang
Yahoo! chairman and CEO Jerry yang. He got his education from stanford university. You know yahoo! is a biggest portal of the world. which was launched in 1994.


 5. Jimmy Wales
An American who is founder of and president of wikipedia foundation.

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