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Blogger Social Media Widget Most Beautiful

Blogger Social Media Widget

Blogger Social Media Widget Topic of the post is Blogger Social Media Widget. I have brought  Top 7 ultimate widgets in one you can also check it is beside All are the widget really very beautiful and attractive, simple, Fast, easy to use. Lets have look about one by one. Read Older Post : Online Payment Methods to Withdraw Cash into Bank Accounts

Blogger Social Media Widget Below All  7 in one Widget

1. Subscribe Via Email
Why webmasters Request for subscription to their blog. It is best SEO practice to say politely every visitor subscribe your blog. Because of one subscribe is equal  to 10. this is an other way to get traffic via email. When ever you post it is automatically mail to the visitor Who Subscribed you . On position 1 in the top 7.
2. Join Us On Social Media
Make your blog famous on Social sites with help of Blogger  Widget. It is use to define as visitor mostly  want to follow you on there favorite Social network. I recommended one of the best way to make people attract via social media. 2 on top 7.
3.Twitter Follow Button
No need to go or visit your Twitter account to read you recently tweets best feature my blogger widget is that visitors can directly follow your blog on just one click visitor has being a follower of  you on twitter network. 3 position top 7.
4. Add to Circles
Get Fastest Circle via Google plus Network on your blog you just mouse over it and than add it to you Google plus Network As fast as we say.  Position 4.
5. Google + Button
It is vote your blog by using Google plus Button in this all most use. You are lucky one who do not wast a time to find separately all is here. 5 in the top 7.
6. Feed Burner Counter
Number of Feeds subscribe by visitors.Means feed counter shows feed reader how many feed reader has subscribed you newsletter. Top 7 now on the position 6.
7. Facebook Like Button
Top 7 Like your blog It count how many visits has like your blog. widget displays the number of visitors like.

How to Install Blogger Social Media Widget?

By the way it is very very easy to install but my post for every one either professionals or beginners. That is why I would like to start it from very beginning.

1. Log In Blogger go ahead log in you account with the help of remember that you can use by one Gmail Account every product of Google like ( Adsense, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, etc)

2. Blogger dashboard in the layout section click on Add a Gadget. I have already pointed out by arrow and red box.

Blogger Social Media Widget

3. A popup window will suddenly appear like below screenshot you just click on HTML/JavaScript as i directed to you.

Blogger Social Media Widget

4. After clicking the HTML/JavaScript Link than an other window you do find same like below.

Blogger Social Media Widget

5. Kindly download Microsft Office word or notepad file.Open it and press Ctrl +A for select All  the source code.Copy code and past into above place where I have written instruction Past Code Here.
Note: Remember In the Microsoft office file code. I have pointed out my website URLs. So please replace pink colored text with your blog related words. That is all Con grates you are successfully done it. 

           Download Code          Notepad Text File

I am trying my best to teach you all over. In spite of that If you are facing any kind of difficulty or any problem you may ask friendly.  I request you to subscribe my blog and comment me Thanks.

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