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Top 500+ Fraud Websites in the World


500+ Fraud websites are playing game with innocent people of the world. Dear you know there are thousands of sites on the internet. Which are now a days going very well. My article is about those people who do know nothing about any single thing to the fraud of internet. Let me clear one thing it is so simple to understand that what website is really scam. Because of the human sense. Inspite of this I aware you below list of the fraud websites. Actually you know I don’t give you list right here, due to copyright you just download text file. Which content all is the list of scam sites. Okay what kind of scam is going on we are discussing about it.

Top Three Most Popular scam of the Fraud Websites

Okay below are the scams. One thing make me clear to you which is that I am not responsible about anything. whatever you do wrong or right on the internet. My job is only tell you what is going on the net. There are hundreds of people they are very sharp minded. They are graduated in how to do fraud. We are nothing. We can only make safe ourself to follow the below rules.
1. Make Money Online but actually they are not making money just doing scam only.
2. Selling some product which is not exist in real.
3. Offering services and will not giving you any kind of service.
4. Fake game to lautrey like congratulation you have won $1000.
5. Trying to steal your credit card number and password via making you fool.
Dear friend I have give what i know but be aware about the internet fraud. If you have any problem you can live talk to me on skype and comment me I am always here to be with you. I will assist you uptill to what I know. Last word Please subscribe my blog and stay update my upcoming article via email. Also join my social media.
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