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10 Software Technologies More Popular

10 Software Technologies We are discussing about software technologies which are really most popular in the word in year 2016. I am sharing with you my knowledge regarding top 10 best list with respect to best technologies. Dear you know it is programming atmosphere, Every where you face with it, Either you are I.T (Information Technologies ) related person or not, this is use in every thing, from small calculator to super computer system. Get to know below list of the all.

10 Software Technologies

1. HTML (Hyper Text Markup language)

HTML known as Mather of the all other languages, It is most design to use for the Web pages, You can create you own fully SEO page, which is Google can easily indexed. Its source code so simple to understand.

2. Java
Java is developed in 19 century by Suns Corporation company, now a days it is counted a world best class programming language.

3. SQL( Structured Query language)
It is use for Database in which we can perform query.

 4. JavaScript
JavaScript first name when it was launched name live, on the internet every where it is use more over.
C is use for system programming.
6. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
CSS is define as the code of HTML is not used to look well, when we will applying CSS over our web page become beautiful. In the every websites you see there is elegant design because of this.
7. Net Framework
Microsoft provide us a platform where we can developed our project in multiple languages.
8. PHP (Hyper Text Preprocessed)
9. C# (Sharp)


10. Visual Basic
Final Words:
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