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Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites Best for Blog

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites there! how are you doing? Let just talk about social bookmarking which are very hits in the list of top10. before we start it, We need to know what is my dear you know, You can bookmark you like below, It means that these  give you backlink some of them are do follow backlinks bookmarking  and some no follow link, but both are the very famous that give your  page rank high with in short time. One thing more they drive traffic for your blog as well.

List of the top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites

10. Digg Dear friend you know digg is the best  which give us do follow back links free you do not need to charge any just go ahead create free account and share you , as well  posts. Position 10 regarding  hit list.

9. Diigo
Diigo is also do follow and give you back links for your  post you just create your profile and share that is it. It is in the position 9.


8. Friend Feed
Best site for social bookmarking is also giving do back links to your  post right visit it.It is the on the  list 8.

7. Slashdot
It is one of the most popular website for social bookmarking  but does not provide do follow backlink but you make sure you got number of visitor for your site. It also having importance now list 7.
6. Delicious
One of the best and very popular social website

5. Newsvine 
do follow  on the position 5 one of the greatest site ever.


4. Reddit
Do follow give it your blog.

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3. Pinterest
Best site for image bookmarking.


2. StumbleUpon 
USA based  world biggest and most instant traffic generator.

In the list of best social bookmarking  is on number one because you can tweet the world, Share blog post with twitter to get most popularity.

Ending Words
Dear yo know I have tell you what ever I need to tell about social  regarding back links and there top 10 positions. I am sure you have enjoyed a lot so subscribe and get much more new please stay up to date and comment me for this post. Watch video to get more help

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