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social networking websites Hits Every Time Including Facebook

social networking websitesFacebook is the best social utility in the word, dear lets use to know what are the top 5 most popular and hits Social Network are going on, one question always arises in your mind why should we use or know about which one is the best. Let me tell you. It is real man in this world. Social man can rock the world, in every aspect of life with out socialize you will never ever able to know the reality of life. So here are the most famous and popular  websites.

Get Ready to know about  social networking websites

social networking websites List Of Top 10

1. Facebook
Best and world number 1  network website which is most and greatest platform for every body in this world, My dear friend this website is not giving do follow links but it is that kind of website which make some one topper with in days, World is here and our main target for being success full to get your self with face, Post link of your blog, make more followers, and friends who do like you.


2. The Google+
Google+ best 2nd number  now a days come in front of the world corporates with Google best site for social people to share there life with Google Plus.


3. Twitter
Twitter is also  listed  that provide people to get to gather with there tweets and you can also share your website with twitter .


4. Linkedin
Best  for those who want to be get job there are huge amount of business man are available to get in touch with them its position 4.


5. My Space
My space is now converted in the music media  you can create your video and share it with word.


6. Pinterest
Pinterest world wide image social network Share your image be with  with the help of images.


7. Orkut
Best website which is at the position 7 in the hits  media site

8. Meet up
Meet up also nice and good

9. My Lite

10. Ning

Final words

Dear friend I have give you information of all of the best social networking site just create your profile add your blog, website to drive traffic to ware you site. I hope you got it well, Thank you very much to be with us for a movement kindly subscribe my blog and comment me if you have any query regarding the article.

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