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Published Post Counts In The Blogger Platform

Published Post Counts – Hi dear friend  we are just going to know how many post are published in my blog it is very simple to know published post okay for this we have to log in the blogger account after that choose your wished blog where you want to see number of  published posts.

Published Posts Counts

Here is in the below screenshot you see I have give you direction by the help of arrows right. At the right side of the options Where is All my All posts counts are 73 at this time and Published Posts are 24 and scheduled are only 4  beside of it there are list of the posts which are published and draft and scheduled okay That is it I hope you got it well cause there is no difficulty to understand this. Read Top 10 Blogger Blog Most Popular In The World. Okay I would like to share one thing more it is my self experience you can only save posts in the draft up to 50 that’s it and there is no limit for scheduled posts. You can published unlimited posts as well.


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