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MS Excel tutorials for Beginners in Urdu

MS Excel tutorials for Beginners in Urdu

Learn MS Excel tutorials for Beginners in Urdu Hi dear readers, today I’m going to tell you about  in this article. As you know, this program is very useful to make worksheets and other records. MS Excel (Microsoft Excel) was introduced in September 30th 1985 by Microsoft. This product/ program helps you to create mark sheets, Finance record, Office records etc. Basically this application is also known as spreadsheet application. In 1982, Multiplan was the first spreadsheet program of Microsoft before excel. It was used in CP/M systems. The key (R1C1) were using instead of (A1, B1 and C1), which are using in Microsoft excel today. In MS DOS systems, Multiplan was failed to load any digit like 1 2 or 3. In order to solve this problem, Microsoft has created   very useful application Microsoft Excel.

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Microsoft Excel first version could only work in mac operating system, which is launched in 1985. Later on, the first Excel for window operating system was successfully created in 1987 by Microsoft Inc. The programming language of Excel is visual basic for application. There were many versions released by Microsoft after 1993, but the latest version of excel for operating system is 16.0.6769.2017, which is released in April 2016. The interface of latest version is easier than older versions. The process of data entry is more flexible on it.

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